About Us

About Us

The Westside congregation had its beginning in 1958 and was initially known as the Boyd and McGee congregation. It has now grown to a membership of over 500. The congregation is led by five shepherds and thirteen deacons. The church employs three full-time ministers, and one full time secretary.

Our goal as a family of God's people is to glorify Him in everything we do. We are seeking to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. We want our worship, our families, and our lives to be God-centered. In whatever we do or say, we want to bring glory and honor to God. We believe the only true map for this walk is found in the inspired Word of God. As the Lord's church we continually strive to fulfill the ission God has given us. We do our best to provide meaningful opportunities for our members to share the Good News, disciple new Christians, grow in fellowship, serve others, and worship God in spirit and in truth.

Westside also strives to have a strong sense of outreach. Westside supports its own university program, known as the "Sooner Servants," and is led by Jeff Thompson. The "Westside Youth" program provides a tremendous opportunity for middle school and high school students to grow in Christ and is led by Garrett Marshall.  Brett McKinight works as our involvement ministery.  Phillip Johnson serves the congregation as pulpit and adult education minister. Greg Gilter, one of our shephards, serves as a Westside family counselor.

The Westside congregation helps sponsor a variety of mission minded efforts. These efforts include supporting missionaries in Haiti, Nigeria, Brazil and New Zealand.  Our church family is also involved in World Bible School (WBS), the World English Institute (WEI), the Haiti School for Preachers, the "Search Television Program," and the "Allen Dutton Medical Missions Program." The congregation is also involved in a growing international ministry.

Other programs assisted by the Westside congregation include the Hope Harbor Children's Home in Claremore, Oklahoma; the Tipton Children's home in Tipton, Oklahoma; the Westview Boy's home in Hollis, Oklahoma; and the Christian Service Center Of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The internal work of the congregation is divided into 14 ministries. These ministries are led by the shepherds, deacons, and ministers and are also staffed by Westside volunteers.

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