World Bible School

World Bible School (WBS) is an undenominational, 8-booklet, FREE Bible Correspondence Course. WBS materials are printed in the world's major languages, and​ sent to enrollees throughout the world by the WBS Teachers in America.  Lesson booklet studies include: The Way to Life, God Has Spoken, Knowing Jesus, This is Good News, Born of Water and Spirit, The Family of God, Live a Life of Love, and The Christian Life. 

Preachers in foreign lands send WBS teachers the names and addresses of those whom they enroll into WBS.  The WBS teacher who receives the name of a WBS student sends the student the first lesson, The Way to Life, study booklet.  WBS students who answer and return this first lesson receive from their assigned WBS teacher the next booklet of study, the graded answer sheet, and appropriate comments and further instructions.  As this process of Bible study continues between the WBS teacher, student, and native preacher, the WBS student MAY decide to become a Christian! 

The Westside congregation has been involved in the World Bible School Ministry since 2005.  We are especially attached to Nigeria, West Africa, the 7th most populous country in the world (around 200 million).  We have 50 - 60 Westside members who are WBS Teachers, and we work closely with 5 Nigerian preachers - Makinde Olufemi of Oyo State, Ezekiel Okoh Okorougo of Lagos, Sylvester Imogoh of Edo State, Jerry Yenigha of Bayelsa State, and Mike Udam of Cross River State.  We are always informed by the Nigerian preachers when one of our WBS students becomes a Christian!  Our WBS teachers at Westside have taught more than 5,000 WBS students in Nigeria, and plan to teach even more!

For more information about Westside's efforts in WBS please see Cliff Barger, our Deacon for WBS.