Ministers & Shepherds

Ministers & Shepherds


Phillip Johnson - Pulpit Minister


Brett McKnight - Involvement Minister


Garrett Marshall - Youth Minister



Tony Graham

Tony is married to his wife Renee. 

They have two children and five 

grandchildren. Tony began serving 

as a shepherd in 2000. 


Greg Giltner

Greg is married to his wife Vonne. 

They are blessed with five children 

and six grandchildren. Greg became 

a shepherd for the church in 2002. 


Jeff Jennings

Jeff is married to his wife Suzzane. 

They have two children. Jeff became 

a shepherd for Westside in 2002. 


Tracey Talley

Tracey is married to his wife Suzy. 

They have three children and one grandchild. 

Tracey began serving as an elder in 2011. 


Chris Porter

Chris is married to his wife Julie. 

They have three children. Chris 

began serving as a shepherd in 2019.